1994 Toyota 4runner Supra Engine Swap


4Runner swap Updates

Update 12/06/04
Nothing new. Got other projects that are more important.

Update 04/21/04
Well, I am getting married this Saturday, it will be April 24th 2004. I tore my 4runner apart last summer to get ready to get married. Eventually I will build it back up again with a 600HP 2JZ. I already have all the components, now I just need the time. I will be going automatic too. I just broke too many parts with the manual. I will also be going 35 spline 60 in the rear, or a 14bolt, and I will probably do a divorced t-case with a 2wd auto. I do not need a dual t-case with an auto, just a 4.7 gear. I miss driving the 4runner, but it will be resurrected some day.

Update 05/12/03
Well, Statesville ended up being a flop. It is amazing how decieving people can be, even when they say they are your friends. Ended up losing around $8,000 in the 2 months I was out in North Carolina, in lost income and moving expenses. Oh well, learning experience. While I was out in NC, I did accomplish to get myself into doing another 7MGTE conversion in a 2wd pickup. Click HERE for more info. The trip home was fun though. Picked up a 89 supra while I was out there, stuck it on a dolly and towed it back.

Update 11/29/02
I am now out in Statesville North Carolina. Don't know exactly what I am going to do here yet, but I will find out soon enough. Truck held up great for the 3,000 mile journey. Hauled a trailer full of parts, the first half, and the other half, a tow dolly with a supra on it, with lots of parts inside. Very heavy load, but averaged 70-75 mph and 10 mph. Not too bad considering the heavy load. Got some wierd looks as I would pass up Chevy, Ford and Dodge diesels.

Update 10/09/02
Holy crap, been almost a year since my last update. Guess I have been having too much fun with this thing. I now have over 20,000 miles on my 7MGTE swap, and it is still going strong. I have broken about everything except the motor and the two transfercases. I am surprised how well the stock transfercases have held up. I was sure they would be the first to go. Earlier in march, I broke the shifter fork on my R151F so I pulled it out and put in a W56 until I could get the R151F fixed. Well I drove on that for about 4 months until I sheared off the output shaft. Then I ran a G52 for about 2 weeks before I roasted off 1st gear. Well I finally go my R151F fixed and it is back in. Although I didn't get rebuild it like I wanted too.

I have gone through over $1,500 in driveslines, and finally found out that saginaw CV shafts suck, so I replaced them with toyota cv's and havn't had a problem since. I have broke a rear joint on the driveshaft, but replaced it with a hug 1410 or something like that, and havn't broken that, even with binding it on many occasion. I have taken out front hubs, and front joints, but that won't be solved until I go D60 in front, so I will just be carfull with that and bring spare parts. I have broken 5 rear axle shafts, and a set of spider gears.

I have made several modifications to the intake and exhaust. My exhaust runs straight back instead of crossing over under the oil pan. My intake is 3" only using mandrel bends. And I run a 2001 Ford Powerstroke intercooler. Man, what a difference the 3" and the big intercooler made. Full boost dropped from 4500RPM's to 3,000 RPMS. I used to get very sparatic boost levels, and now it boosts the same everytime. Recently I took my rig to the drag strip. Unfortunatly the new clutch I had just put in was a defect, and I could not run more than 5 psi, and I run 12 psi on a daily basis. Anyway, with a bad clutch, I ran a 17.9 at 75 MPH, I should be able to run a mid 15 at 90-95 MPH with a good clutch. All in all, I could not be happier with this swap.

Update 10/23/01
Finally got my Dana 60 rear and Dana 44 front complete. I have been running around for a couple months with increasing the boost, and no broken rears. Don't know how well the driveshaft is going to hold up though. I have reworked the cooling, and intake piping a little. Got rid of my real coils and went to 56" long all-pro springs. Oh, and I didn't move to NC, still here in Utah.

Update 5/15/01
Well, truck has been down for about a month now, I kept blowing out rear ends. Truck still runs great, lots of power too much power for everything else. The truck has been down because I am redoing the suspesion. Leaf in the rear with 65" wide Dana 60's front and rear. I am getting close to done, but I will be moving to North Carolina before it is complete. There I will finish with the suspension, and at the same time working on an intercooler system and and building a race motor. I was concerned about the bellhousing so I ran it hard with minimal support to see if I could break it. Seems to be holding up great, so with support, I shouldn't have a problem. I did manage to put hole in radiator and had to close off 6 passage ways on the stock v6 radiator. At full thottle in the mud on a warm day I stared heating up a little, but then would cool right back down. Later I will build a custom 4 core radiator that will fit under the hood support so I can run my fans on the inside to leave room for my A/C.

Update 02/21/01
Well, all done. Finished up on the 15th. 15 days after origanal date. Oh well. So far I have put over 500 miles on motor, and it is still running strong. I really enjoy that extra power. Now I need more.