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almost got all the stuff!!

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 10, 2004 12:55 am    Post subject: almost got all the stuff!! Reply with quote

I have almost gott l the stuff that you gurus have told me to get. The head is already at the machine shop being fully ported and polished the automatic cams and no egr along with the hks head gasket and arp head studs should hold the 6lbs on the street and 10lbs on the track I hope. The machinist says that the engine will be breathing rather well! The Toyota specialist who is building the trans says " that f^&*#@! truck is going to be a rocket!! I already got the 8 inch axle with a supra limited slip, and the gears are my choice 3.73 (which I'm probably gonna use) or 4.55's also. I've gone completly through the engine and the machinst states my hp should be about 400 at the crank with about 250lbs of torque at the track. I already have gotten the traction bars (FREEBIE).
I still need IC, BOV and BC, clutch and IC piping and exhaust
QUESTION : I have currently be given a toyota truck unkown of year all I know is it had a diesel 4cylinder and a 5 speed trans. Will the tranny be useable for my application or not and what about the rear axle?????
Forget the Honda's I want to taste 13's in the quarter mile!! Just because a chevy BB guy told me my truck wont make it into the 15's
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 10, 2004 7:15 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hmm, some poeple make me laugh.

I just spent 15 minutes talking to a so called "friend" of one of my friends that was going to set him up with a custom intercooler piping. Guys a flippin retard. Said he had done tests on intercoolers and the most you will get out of them is a 5 degree temp drop and you might as well not run one. And that his fried had better be carefull and not run very much boost or he would blow his motor.

This guy ownes a ford focus with a turbo setup and methonal injection. He has already blown one engine. Guy doesn't know did'ly crap about supras.

Stock supra internals can handle 16-18 psi on an upgraded turbo on a daily basis. Biggest thing you need to worry about is bearings, not pistons.

Honda_killer, you can run 10psi on the street and not worry. You can run all the way up to 12 psi before you hit fuel cut. If you get larger injectors and the Lexus AFM, you can run much more. I ran 20psi on an old setup I had. I eventually got a rod knock, but the engine had 180,000 original miles and I drove it very, very hard for 30,000 of that.

And if you are running 400hp, you will also be running 400 ft/lbs of torque too. This isn't a freakin low torque honda. Your machinist will crap his pants when he takes a ride in it.

Keep in mind, 400hp is hard to get unless you upgrade your fuel. I was getting about 360 on stock fuel, but I had a bad @$$ intercooler and an upgraded turbo. You upgrade your fuel, 400hp is an easy mark.

Also, if you go with 4.55 gears, you will increase your torque to the wheels and decreese your horsepower. Which as long as you can shift fast, is a great thing.

Your tranny that you want to use may hold up for a while, but eventually you need to go with an R154 if you are staying 2wd. The 8" rear should hold up pretty good.
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