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Other good Supra sites
Powerhouse Racing
Titan Motorsports
Taka Kaira Inc. Japan
Some injector tech
Build your own intercooler
Build your own header
Another build your own header
Another build your own header (This one is very nice)
Build your own supra header(VERY NICE PICS)from
Rebuild your CT-26 supra turbo
Learn how to port and polish you head
Water injection. Cool your air better to run more boost

Supra conversion links

Important swap info
Custom adapter for R series tranny to W series bellhousing
Side mount MKIV intercooler(Karl Bellve)
Big aluminum radiator(Karl Bellve)

Other Supra Swappers
Mike Simmons 1988 4runner with 7MGTE
Paul Elbisser's 1987 7MGE 4runner

Toyota Truck links

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Pirate 4x4
Trail Talk
Rocky Mountain Extreme 4x4
Wild Yoats
Yota Tech

Other cool truck sites
Jeff Mosk's really cool high powered 22RTE site. "The Man" of the turbo 22R
Roger Brown's Toyota Truck site
Custom Coil Toyota
Solid Axle Swap
Minnesota Toyx4's - Toyota Links
Speedway Engineering(custom axles and housings and suspsion

Hydro assist links
Increase your pump pressure
Modify your Saginaw for Hydro Assist/a>
Pirate Thread on toyota box modifcations
Another Saginaw for Hydro Assist

Disc brake converions
Dana 60 rear disc converion
Toyota rear disc conversion
Another Toyota reqar disc conversion

Wireless Lan and Antenna's
Radio theory and link planning for Wireless LAN (WLAN)
Parobolic wirless dish designs
Amateur Raido Dish Types - design
Parobolic Biquad
Parobolic Biquad detailed instructions for feed

Turn your turbo into a jet engine