About Me

About Me


Hey, My name is Robert Jackson, I am 31 years old, Married(April 2004), working and living in Provo, Utah.
I work as a Linux System Administrator. I have lived in Utah pretty much my whole life, except for about a year in the Seattle, Washinton area when I was 6. When I was 14, my family decided to move from my home town of Salt Lake City, to a small town of Nephi, population 3,000. I personally did not like this small town, but this is where I give my credit for the love of computers and cars.

Nephi was a very boring place to live, so I had to do something to keep me busy. So, I began spending countless hours on a computer working up a national debt on long distance phone calls and Compuserve. This is how my computer experiences started.

As for autos, it first started out with motorbikes, but as I reached the age of 16, I started looking at cars. My first car, well cars, were two 1979 Ford Fiesta's. My dad gave them to me and told me to get one running. I can't actually believe it, but with great luck and a miricale I did. I really didn't get into cars just yet, that is until I picked up a 1970 Toyota Landcruiser FJ40. My dad had a 71 and a 76 at the time, and so I saved up all summer and got one for $1000 running. This was back when you could find them for that much. Well, since then, I have owned somewhere around 80 vehicles, and always on the lookout for a good deal.

Now, on vehicles, on reason why I have had so many is becuase I just get bored with them. Occasionally I have to sell one becuase I am flat broke and need the money. A few I have bought with intentions of selling, but more just for the enjoyment of the vehicle, or it potential. This is where my real passion kicks in, potential. I look at a car, and say to myself, what can I do to make this better, unique, and of course, faster. I did my first modification when I was 16. I had bought a 1983 Susuki SJ410. Well, the motor went out on me, and this vehicle was never imported into the use, so I could net get a motor. So, I took a motor and tranny from an 87 Samuria, and modified the SJ410 to take the larger motor. With this, I got the low first gear of the Samurai, and the low ratio trasfer of the SJ410. Well, I ended up rolling that into a ditch. I love making my own custom modifications, and don't think I could ever stop. My latest projects were a solid axle conversion on my 1994 4runner, and transplanting a 7MGTE motor into a 1985 Toyota Non-turo supra. My next project will be trasplanting a 7MGTE into my 4runner.done

I am also an adrenaline junkie. Anything I can do to cause an adrenaline rush, I will do it. I have picked up hobbies such as auto racing, extreme hiking, extreme skiing, Off-roading, sky-diving, and soon to pick up a few more.

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