Media Gallery

GS300 DynoDyno of the GS300 - 905rwhp
Flyby at 120764rwhp GS300 flyby
SuperCharged SC400Burning up some tires on the SC400
Initial StartInitial start of the supercharged SC400
SC400 dragDrag race of the SC400 on 7psi
Supra DragDrag race of the Supra on 20psi and stock trans.
Potato Salad Hill - 1.8MThis was a close call
Sand - 2M XRunner racing throught the sand
burnout - 2M 4Runner doing burnout
Drag - 1.4M 4Runner on dragstrip against MKII 7MGTE 17.9@ 76 MPH Very bad clutch, Could not boost over 5 psi.
Burnout and drag - 7M Time trials - 4Runner on dragstrip against 10 second Nova, again, no clutch.
Clip inside 4runner during acceleration - 1.1M
Vegas - 2.5M Supras Invade Las Vegas 2002 teaser