John's 1985 7MGTE swap

This here swap is for John. It is an 85 SR5 pickup. Came into the garage, a 130hp 22RE, left the gargage with 260hp 7MGTE with lots of potential. For the first time, I used an aluminum radiator. I have had too many cooling problems, and didn't want any with this this one. It cools great. Fuel pump has been upgraded. Full 3" exhaust, and 2 1/2 intake piping. No intercooler yet. Yes, this does have A/C...Well, almost. Needed some custom lines made, and the place that does this could not get the metric fittings in time. To mout the A/C compressor, all you need is a 1/2 steel plate between the frame, and the gearbox. You can also reuse your 22R compressor(don't know about the clutch though, you may have to change that.)
Transmission used was the stock W58. Of course the bellhousing had to be swapped over for the 5m/7M bellhousing, and the clutch for as well. Drivelines and transmission mounts are not touched.
VERY IMPORTANTYou must use the 5M/7M clutch fork, the W58 fork WILL NOT WORK!!!

Radiator support was cut out, but locking hoodpins were used to keep the hood down. Oh, and a bonus, cruise control works great as well. Another sucessfull swap. This one took about 60 hours, but I did it with no sleep so it probably took 10-15 hours longer than needed. Could have probably done it in 45-50 with more sleep.
Motor installed, check out the A/C compressor, YEAH BABY!!!
Sweet copper looking turbo
Intake piping and turbo
Picture without the front grill. Exposes nice aluminum radiator
Gorgeous sunset outside tonight, great weather for swapping
Not a lot of room for the puller fans, but we fit them. No cooling problems in this rig
Swap completed
Looks pretty much stock, nobody will ever know until it is too late