1993 Toyota Supra NA-T conversion


Project E85 Supra

Fuel System

Top of the fuel tank
In order to run E85, you need a substantial amount of fuel. For the pump I chose a Weldon 2032 fuel pump. This pump is a constant duty pump that can flow 180GPL, or enough fuel to run around 1400hp on pump gas. It should be enough to get 1100hp on E85, or 1000hp on E98. I mofied the fuel pump hanger to use a 1/2" pickup tube with a -10AN fitting. I also welded in a -6an return fitting. From the fuel pump panel, I ran stainless steal braided -10an lines to the pump. I continue the -10AN line to the engine, where it then splits using a Y-spliiter to dual -8AN lines. The -8AN then feed into a custom made -8AN fuel rail. The fuel rail was purchased from Ross Machine Racing as a blank rail. I also purchased a special drill bit in order to drill out the injector holes for 14mm
Weldon fuel pump
injectors. I tapped the ends of the rail with a 3/4" -16 tap for the -8AN o-ring fittings, and a 7/16-24 tap for the -6AN center return. For mounting the rail, I cut off the brackets from the old N/A fuel rail, and welded them to the new rail. Next time I will just make some removable brackets. Welding to the rail turned out to be more difficult than exptected. In the fuel rail are mounted 6 1600cc injectors. This should be large enough to support 1000+hp on the ethanol. The fuel then exits the rail through the center return to an Aermotive fuel pressure regulator. From there it returns to the tank through -6AN steel braided line, which actually used to be my feed line. HAHA!!!

Intercooler and Piping


Power Steering


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