Wiring your 7M supra engine

Wiring your 7M Supra engine

Wiring your Supra conversion is not quite as difficult as one may think. For the 7M conversion, you really only need all but a few wires to actually fire up your swap and hear it run. I may even record a small workshop video, with some simple wiring, and start an engine on the garage floor.

Here you will find great wiring information, on the 7MGE, 7MGTE, and soon to come, 2JZGE, 2JZGTE, and the 5MGE. Great thing I have found out with all these motors, is that the wiring is very simliar.

So, if you are swapping in a Supra engine into a Toyota pickup, 4Runner, or doing a Turbo conversion on your MKII, MKIII, MKIV Supra, or a turbo conversion on your Lexus GS300, SC300, or IS300, or, any other vehicle that you may choose, this is the place to come, and I hope this information will serve you well.

As of now, I currently have only 7MGE and 7MGTE wiring, but will soon have others. You will need some technical experience reading schematics, and knowing where your relays and connectors are on your project vehicle. I will supply some of that information for some models of Toyota pickups and 4Runners, but with so many different models, and changes, you may have to do a little work yourself at finding the correct information for your vehicle. Good luck, and please let me know if something is unclear, or confusising, and I will try to clear it up.

7M Wiring

The C1 connector(yellow connector near ignigter)

The B1 connector(Large yellow connector near ECU)
The B1 connector pinout chart with colors codes and desciption

The M1 connector(Small yellow connector near ECU)
The M1 connector pinout chart with colors codes and desciption

Wiring diagramThis is a large BMP file. I could not convert it as it would mess up the colors.

Here are some instructions for actual applications. I will eventually try to get every year of toyota truck.

1989-1995 V6 instructions 88-older 7M ECU/Harness
1989-1995 V6 instructions 89-newer 7M ECU/Harness
1985-1988 22RE instructions - coming soon
1989-1995 22RE instructions using 88-older 7M ECU/Harness
1989-1995 22RE instructions using 89-newer 7M ECU/Harness
1979-1985 22R instructions - coming soon

E-mail me at robertj@linux4free.com for questions about this that you don't understand, so I can try to exlain it better.